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Parsimenbalabar Elevator and Lift Company


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Design and installation

Designing and installing all kinds of lifts and elevators according to customers’ taste

Professional team

Using a professional and expert team in the field of all kind of lifting

Free in-person consultation

Free in-person consultation at your place

After-sales service

Providing all support and warranty services after selling products


Parsimenbalabar Company is one of the most active and well-known companies in Iran with more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing, selling, installing and operating all types of elevators.

12+سال تجربه
1800+پروژه اجرایی
95%رضایت مشتری
70+شهر مختلف اجرای پروژه

Choose Parsimenbalabar with ease.

Services of Parsimenbalabar Elevator Company

Parsimenbalabar provides all types of elevator design, installation and commissioning services in all cities of Iran to provide elevator services:

  • بالابرهای وینچیدر انواع مدل و سایز
  • بالابر های هیدرولیکیدر انواع طرح ها و ابعاد
  • بالابر فروشگاهیطراحی و نصب برای فروشگاه ها
  • بالابر خانگیدر انواع مدل و سایز
  • بالابر صنعتیمخصوص صنایع و کارخانجات
  • بالابر ساختمانیبا تنوع بی نظیر مدل و ابعاد
  • بالابر ویلچر بردر انواع گوناگون
  • بالابر آکاردئونیدر ارتفاع های مختلف

Parsimenbalabar, a safe choice

Achieve your goals with us

Parsimenbalabar Company is fully prepared to provide various services to its dear customers by providing the best suggestions in the field of installation and commissioning of all types of elevators and lifts at reasonable and fair prices.

Get a free consultation for your project

Contact us for a free consultation before buying and ordering the product.

Parsimenbalabar, provider of the best elevators and installation services

Pars Ayman Balabar is known as the best elevator company in Iran by providing services in the capital of Iran. This company, which has 12 years of experience in manufacturing, selling, supplying and installing all kinds of lifts, is one of the most famous companies active in this field. Parsimenbalabar, by using a professional team in the field of elevator design and installation, provides this field for you to leave 0 to 100 elevator installations to them with ease.

Features of the best elevator company; Parsimenbalabar

Certainly, the question that has come to you up to this point is how to find out that the elevator company we choose is perfect in all respects for buying an elevator. Parsimenbalabar Group is introduced as one of the most complete elevator companies that includes the following features in providing its services to customers:

Provision of necessary permits

One of the essentials of the activity of Parsimenbalabar Company is to be able to fully and clearly provide the necessary permits to its customers. These licenses can include business licenses and various types of licenses approved by the Ministry of Industry.

A rich resume and high experience

Parsimenbalabar has a rich resume that the customers of this group can check with ease and come to the conclusion of why many people are currently entrusting their elevator design and installation orders to this collection.

Use of quality equipment and parts

One of the other features that Parsimenbalabar has with it is the quality assembly of elevator parts and their precise installation. The elevators provided by this group do not make any extra noise or slip while moving. On the other hand, the installation of these elevators by Parsimenbalabar has been done very precisely, and this makes them last longer and perform better.

Safety of production lifts and elevators

One of the features of this company is the use of reliable and approved parts. All parts and materials used are made and placed under the supervision of the best engineers.

Providing valid warranty and after-sales service

Customers trust the elevator company to provide them with a proper guarantee and to fix it in case of any problem. Parsimenbalabar, by providing good after-sales service, provides you with this opportunity to make your purchase from this group with ease.

The presence of capable and expert personnel

Your first encounter in any group is with its personnel. If these people can’t answer your questions correctly, this collection will definitely not be your choice to buy. By providing the best and most capable personnel, Parsimenbalabar is ready to answer all your questions in the field of purchase, installation and repair of elevators.

Speed in providing services

The speed of operation is the main pillar of a reliable elevator company, which Parsimenbalabar shows well in all its services. This group not only registers your order in the fastest time and provides elevators, but also installs them in a short time.

Providing appropriate and reasonable prices

Too low or too high prices will definitely not satisfy any customer to purchase! That is why many people are looking for a group that offers their elevators at reasonable prices. By eliminating intermediaries and direct communication with customers, Parsimenbalabar receives the price of the elevator in a very reasonable way.

24/7 elevator support services

Since the elevator is one of the most important vehicles of any building, Parsimenbalabar Company provides related services around the clock. The specialized team of Parsimenbalabar Group is ready to respond to you, dear customers, 24 hours a day. After the necessary information about the elevator failure is obtained from you with the support of Parsimenbalabar, in a very short period of time, the specialists of this group will come to your place to investigate and repair the problem.

Other round-the-clock elevator support services of Parsimenbalabar are:

  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Periodic reviews
  • Rebuilding
  • Upgrade

All the mentioned services are provided with excellent quality and reasonable cost.

How is the design and installation of elevators in Parsimenbalabar?

Elevator design is a process in which the elevator is built according to building specifications such as architecture, type of use, number of units, number of floors, and building traffic.

The design of the elevator is first implemented on a paper map and then sent to factories for construction. Of course, keep in mind that many elevators in Iran are imported and usually prefabricated. For this reason, the designs are presented only to upgrade the main body so that the elevator is completely in accordance with your needs. Now, in the next step, it is time to install the elevator.

Elevator installation steps in Parsimenbalabar company

The elevator installation steps are as follows:

  • Preparation of the floor of the elevator pit
  • Preparation of elevator plan
  • Concreting the floor of the elevator shaft
  • Ironing operation of the elevator
  • Wall covering around the elevator shaft
  • Creating an engine room
  • Cabling and installation of the elevator switchboard
  • Concreting the roof of the elevator shaft

After all these steps have been done by the best elevator company in Tehran, Parsimenbalabar, you can use your elevator with peace of mind.

The services you can get from Parsimenbalabar are:

Design, installation and commissioning:

This group also offers free on-site consultation for both old and new customers to provide you with the best elevator by comprehensively examining the building and people’s needs. With Parsimenbalabar, install the best elevator at your desired location and use it for years without any problems.

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